We Buy Balls


AtN.FL Golf Ball, we buy new and used golf balls.  Due to our huge sales volume, we are always looking to increase our supply, and would love to take your unwanted golf balls off your hands.  Whether you have tens of thousands or hundreds, and whether they are brand new or used, and whether they are cleaned or dirty, we are interested in helping you!

It is really an easy and quick process. 

1.   Simply send us an e-mail at greatdeals@northfloridagolfball.com and tell us what you have.  It will help if you have a rough idea of the total number of balls, and a general idea of the brands/models/conditions that dominate your assortment.  If you have photos that you would like to send, it might help, but it is not necessary.

2.   Based on the quantity, type, and condition of your shipment, we will make you an offer, which will be very competitive within the industry.

3.   If you accept our offer, we will send a truck to pick them up from you.

4.   Upon verification of the shipment, w will send you a check for the full amount.

It’s that easy!