Titleist NXT Tour Golf Balls

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Recycled Used Titleist NXT Tour Golf Balls

The recycled Used Titleist NXT Tour Golf Balls is designed for average to highly skilled golfers seeking the ultimate combination of soft feel, high performance control, and long distance. Advanced, multi-layer golf ball construction, with a new Tour-proven, higher coverage dimple design and Staggered Wave Parting Line provide longer, more consistent distance. The Titleist NXT Tour Golf Balls is longer with the driver and long irons, while maintaining soft feel and high performance control into and around the green.

You are driven to be the best player you can be. Engineered for high performance, the new Titleist NXT Tour golf balls and NXT Tour S golf balls will help you reach your potential. Both NXT Tour and NXT Tour S deliver low driver and long iron spin for outstanding distance and also offer excellent short game scoring performance and soft feel. Golfers can find a recycled used Titleist NXT Golf Balls that meets their personal preferences as NXT Tour provides that perfect feel.


About recycled Used Titleist NXT Tour Golf Balls:

Golf Gear USA recycles all of its own recycled, used Titleist NXT Tour Golf Balls in our Pleasanton, California facility. Please do not confuse our recycled golf balls with typical used golf balls offered by others, which are merely retrieved and shipped. We take in thousands of used Titleist NXT Tour Golf Balls each year from our team of golf ball retrieval specialists and from outside contractors. Many Titleist golf balls are lost in deep rough or trees lining fairways, and some come from lakes and ponds. Still other Titlesist golf balls come direct from the Titleist factory in the form of excess inventory, custom logo overruns, etc.

First our used recycled Titleist NXT Tour Golf Balls are cleaned using state-of-the-art custom ball cleaners that are each capable of processing nearly 60,000 balls per hour. Some balls are separated out for more thorough and specialized treatment and then cleaned again. After cleaning, all balls are sorted by brand and model, and then individually examined and hand-graded according to our rigid quality criteria. Some are subjected to the entire process again, and many others are rejected at this point, and they are either sold commercially for range use or discarded entirely.

See our video on how we recycle Titleist NXT Tour Golf Balls

Next, balls selected for your order are evaluated to ensure on-course performance that is nearly identical to new Titlesist golf balls, as well as for the best possible appearance, and then packaged and shipped directly to you.

Studies have repeatedly shown that used golf balls and superior recycled golf balls like ours consistently perform from 99.7% (Mint Condition) to 97.4% (Practice Grade – our lowest!) as well as brand new balls, but you will pay only 20% to 50% of the price of new balls! Why would you ever pay as much as 500% of our price to get as little as 1% for your money?

For more details on our grading standards, please see http://www.store.northfloridagolfball.com/faq/



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  • 5
    Great buy!

    Posted by Rick on 9th Oct 2015

    Excellent quality...very clean...very inexpensive...I will certainly buy/use them again w/o hesitation

  • 5
    Very Happy with Purchase

    Posted by Mel R on 19th Feb 2014

    Got exactly what I wanted at really low priceand with good delivery.

  • 4
    Good Price. Good Quality. Good Service. I always count on Golf Gear to send me what I ordered.

    Posted by Dave VB on 20th Jul 2013

    This is my second order of Titleist NXT-Tour balls. This time I ordered 8 doz, all grade A. They also sent me a dozen NXT-Tour "practice" ball, 5 of which were grade A - in my opinion. I judged 11 of the 8 doz not to be grade A. I have written to Golf Gear about this discrepancy, and based on past response, I fully expect them to send me 6 grade A balls (11 minus 5). I would recommend doing business with these folks.

  • 5

    Posted by Scott E on 17th Jul 2013

    I ordered Grade A, and at least half of them are balls that would have been Mint from the other company that I used to order from.

    They even gave me some of the new NXT Tour S model at no extra charge!