How Do We Grade Recycled Balls?

We grade all balls into four classes, and a few special models have a 5th class.

The four main classes are Mint, A, B, and Practice Grade. We won't try to baffle you with labels like AAAAAAAAA, AAAAAAAA, and other ridiculous names. You are guaranteed that you will get exactly what you order, and if you are not completely satisfied, we will cheerfully trade you for something else or refund your money – no questions asked.

Mint Condition is exactly that. These balls are not discolored in any way, and their exteriors are as smooth as the day they were packaged at the manufacturer's factory. In some cases, they may have team or corporate logos or other factory-printed text on them, and they may have a small amount of player's Sharpie marker on them. These balls will play, look, and feel as if you just took them from their original sleeve, and are good enough be played by professionals in major competitions.

Grade A is just slightly below Mint, and our A would be in most people's top category. The only difference between these and Mint is that there may be a slightly greater amount of Sharpie on them, and there might be the slightest amount of surface imperfections, as if the ball was brand new and then had been played for a couple of holes. Grade A balls perform exactly as new ones do, and can be played by even the most discriminating golfers under tournament conditions.

Grade B balls may have slightly more surface imperfections than an "A" ball, but will still perform at a level that 99% of golfers will consider to be tremendous, and these balls offer the greatest value. They are ideal for a single-digit handicapper to play with on regular weekend rounds, and allow him/her to save the A and Mint balls for tournaments. "X-Out" and "Practice" balls that would otherwise be considered Mint, Grade A, or Grade B will be put into this category.

Practice Grade balls are very good balls, but not quite good enough to meet our exacting standards. These balls are our least expensive and are ideal for a beginner or occasional golfer to use every day, and they are perfect for more advanced golfers, instructors, or coaches to use to fill a shag bag. Golf courses can save a ton of money and give their golfers great balls by purchasing these for use on the range. Even Practice Grade balls are good enough to be used on the course. We do get plenty of balls that fall below our standard for practice, and we have commercial outlets for them. In fact, some of these balls end up being sold at other outlets for as high as their equivalent to our B!

Refurbished Balls are only available in select Tour-grade premium models. These balls have been totally stripped of their outer paint and repainted, renumbered, and re-logoed. These balls are 100% perfect in every way, and even the most sensitive Tour professional could never feel the difference between this and a brand new ball – except that they cost as much as 40% less!


What Is The Difference Between New, Reconditioned, and Recycled Balls?

New balls come straight from the manufacturer's factory. One would expect them all to be perfect, but occasionally there are some minor blemishes on balls that do not really affect performance.

Reconditioned (also known as Refurbished) balls are Tour-grade, professional level balls that are relatively new. These balls are then stripped of the old paint, repainted, relabeled, and refinished to original factory specifications, and then individually inspected for perfection at the Golf Gear USA factory. They will perform every bit the same as the day that the same ball rolled out of its original factory. They are once again brand new balls. The only difference is that they cost you as much as 40% less than new!

Recycled balls have been collected from golf courses or else purchased from manufacturers as factory overruns. They are cleaned as required, sorted by manufacturer and model, evaluated for grade, and repackaged. These balls will never disappoint you, and the savings from MSRP can be as much as 90%!

A US-based independent testing laboratory recently tested a batch of brand new balls against an equal batch of the same model of ball in each of the four recycled conditions. The lab found that the differences in carry distance and total distance between the new balls and balls as low as Grade B were statistically insignificant. Total Driver Distance variance between the new balls and Mint recycled balls was found to be less than one-tenth of one percent – in other words, less 6 inches over a 260-yard drive. Grade A balls only lost 0.39% (about one yard lost over a 260 yard drive). Even Grade B balls experienced a distance loss of less than 2% - about 5 yards off of that same drive. Similar findings were recorded in mid-iron and wedge testing.

In fact, the only two major differences between recycled golf balls and those that you buy brand new are cosmetics and cost. If you have money to burn and like those shiny foil boxes, then buy new balls. However, if you'd rather save that money for more greens fees or some equipment that will really make a difference in your game, then shop at Golf Gear USA.

What Is Golf Gear USA's Return Policy?

If you are dissatisfied in any way, contact us at greatdeals@northfloridagolfball.com, and we will offer you the option of either trading for an item that you would prefer, or a complete refund of all product purchase fees. It is that simple!

Can I Have My Order Shipped Outside the USA?

Of course! If you have a front door a mailbox, we'll get you your Golf Gear wherever you are!

What Is Golf Gear USA's Shipping Policy?

We ship almost all orders from our Pleasanton, California warehouse. You can usually calculate transit times from that point of origin, but occasionally we will ship some of our retail items directly from our vendors' warehouses if that helps you get your merchandise faster.

If you order at least $79 in products, we will pick up the ground shipping to anywhere in the USA. If you need your order faster than that, we work with several carriers, and we will get you the service that you need at the best possible price.

In support of those who support us, we consider all APO and FPO addresses to be USA addresses. For all that we owe our brothers and sisters who serve in our armed forces, it is the least we can do to show our appreciation!

If you want us to ship outside the USA, we will ship to you at the most economical price possible.

What Can I Expect When I Order From Golf Gear USA?

You will always get the best products available at the lowest price that we can offer, and you will get exactly what you ordered. We ship in excess of 99% of our orders either the same or next business day as the order is placed.

Within hours of the shipping of the order, you will receive an e-mail message confirming the carrier, the method of shipment, and the tracking number.

When your products arrive, check them for accuracy and your satisfaction, as we stand behind all of our items, vended retail items, and our processed golf balls 100% with our complete customer satisfaction guarantee.

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What Will You Do With My E-Mail Address?

Rest assured that we will NEVER sell our mailing list. Your privacy is safe with us.

We also will never barrage you with tons of spam messages just to let you know that we are open for business every day.

What we will do is contact you occasionally to let you know about special discounts only available to our repeat customers, and to tell you about new products and services that we offer. If you ever decide that you do not want to hear from us again, we will miss you and hope that you come back soon, but we will take you off our list as soon as you unsubscribe.

I Have a Golf Business / Coach A Team / Run A Charity. Does Golf Gear USA Make Wholesale Sales?

Yes, we do have a wholesale sales department. Contact us at greatdeals@northfloridagolfball.com and we will get in touch with you immediately