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Whether you make your living on Tour or as a teaching golf pro, or whether you’re a scratch golf player or a 32-handicap, golf is important to you. You want the best out of yourself, and to get that, you demand the best out of your golf gear. That’s why Golf Gear USA should be your supplier of choice.

We offer the greatest range of recycled golf balls, refurbished and used golf balls available. We have golf balls that you can use in the most prestigious golf tournaments, like the popular Titleist ProV1 golf balls and we also have affordable, cheap golf balls to fill your shag bag. We also have new golf gear, like push-pull golf carts, gloves, golf bags, golf hats, GPS Nav course maps and more, all at discounted prices as low as 90% off of MSRP! So start shopping now, by browsing our inventory of used golf balls

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Golf Ball FAQ

How Do We Grade Recycled and Used Golf Balls?

We grade all golf balls into four classes, and a few special models have a 5th class. The four main used golf ball classes are Mint, A, B, and Practice Grade. We won't try to baffle you with labels like AAAAAAAAA, AAAAAAAA, and other ridiculous names. You are guaranteed that you will get exactly what you order, and if you are not completely satisfied, we will cheerfully trade you for something else or refund your money – no questions asked.

Mint Condition used golf balls is exactly that. These used golf balls are not discolored in any way, and their exteriors are as smooth as the day they were packaged at the manufacturer’s factory.

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